1111 Grand Ave. Groover Beach, CA (805) 481-8429
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Front of store, A Hole in the Sky, in Grover Beach, CA

      A Hole in the Sky opened near the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Grover Beach, California in 1981 and quickly expanded beyond a mere "headshop" to become a cultural hub for the region.
     We opened an art and live performance space known as the Excellent Center and launched a popular "pirate" radio station which broadcast for three years before bowing to legal pressures.  In light of recent FCC rulings locals and internet listeners can look forward to revived "Excellent Radio" lighting up the airwaves again.
       We are actively involved with the medical marijuana movement and we are a resource for healthy  delivery systems, techniques and training. Waaay more than a just a "headshop," A Hole in the Sky boasts an extensive collection of including rare posters, stickers, and the large, mechanical dirigible featured in the slide show below. Our collection of rare art and music posters, stickers,greeting cards and comix is legendary.
vintage photo of man with microphone for Hole in the Sky radio ad

A Hole in the Sky has rarely ever run ads on the radio since we opened in 1981. But when we
our second ad and turned it loose on  KPIG radio 94.9 FM it went off like a sonic BOOM 
and created quite a buzzzzz. So we thought it would fun to share it 
with the world! Just click the man with the microphone or here.

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